Our Trainers




Cindy Mashe, Studio Owner and Instructor

Cindy has over 40 years in fitness management and fitness instruction.  She is the owner and founder of Pure Pilates which opened in 2006.  Her full pilates training was primarily through STOTT/Merrithew with specialty trainings in Arthritis, Shoulder and Pelvic Stabilization, Osteoporsis, Scoliosis, Various Back issues, Parkinson's Disease, Breast Cancer Rehabilitation and Pilates for MS and other Neurological Diseases with Meghann Koppele and Mariska Breland.  Her continued education in all areas of pilates and fitness continues to bring the most recent and up-to-date information to our clients and community. Her background in Physical Therapy allows her to work with many different populations and work closely with physicians or physical therpists to reach optimal results for her clients.  Cindy was at the leading ledge to bring pilates as well as the first fully equipped pilates studio to Longview, Texas in 2003.  



Annabeth Baker, Instructor


Annabeth Baker joined Pure Pilates as an instructor in 2019, and is working towards her pilates certification through Pure Body Teacher Training.  She has a Bachelor's degree in public health that included courses in Anatomy and Physiology, Study of Human Disease, Nutrition, and functional kinesiology.  She has always been passionate about health and fitness.  Her initial introduction to pilates was by her father who has been a client at Pure Pilates for four years.  Cindy Mashe has been her mentor since her pilates journey started and has been a great influencer of Annabeth's principles and basis of pilates training.  Annabeth's desire, as an instructor, is to encourage a healthy mind and a healthy body through movement.  She believes that what we do with our time defines who we are, so our time is valuable and a great way to spend it is with pilates!